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Featured Blog Post

 "As a Physical Therapist and Yoga Therapist for over 16 years, I am aware of the benefits and use of yoga therapy and some of the limitations of our current healthcare system. However, after sustaining a traumatic orthopedic injury myself, I had the opportunity to be a patient and experience first hand what it was like to go through our health care system." 

-Shelly Prosko,PT, PYT, CPI

After sustaining a ruptured achilles tendon, Shelly was able to use her knowledge of medical therapeutic yoga and physical therapy to set herself up for the best recovery possible. She documents her journey of healing in a blog post and in her ...

As a practitioner

Using yoga as medicine can provide your practice with:

  • Business plans for expansion of services with reduced overhead
  • Lower employee turnover, improved practitioner well-being, and decreased practitioner burnout
  • Stress management and work/life balance skills
  • Improved continuity of care, patient satisfaction, & outcomes 

Explore our integrative approach

What clinicians are saying...

  • "...allowed me to combine my interest of yoga with the neurological population."

    My search brought me to a program that not only taught yoga therapeutically, but also used evidence based research to guide the curriculum.  I was lucky enough to find the Professional Yoga Therapy certification program, which tailors learning about yoga from a medical perspective with other licensed professionals.  The graduate or post-graduate program includes a variety of learning formats including online education, on-site labs, and a community project.  It is also an accredited program by state and national board for continuing education, and thus differentiates itself from a general yoga therapy school or program.  This was exactly what I had been looking for, and allowed me to combine my interest of yoga with the neurological population.

    Jackie Thomas
    PT, PYT-C
  • "Studying with Ginger is a life-changing experience"

    This week (Module 8/Yoga as Medicine I) has been a life-changing experience for me, inspirational on both a personal and professional level. Transforming and leading me back to the more holistic practice of OT that I have always been drawn to - I appreciate everything I have learned this week as I know it will help me apply PYT principles into my OT practice, specifically helping me meet my patient's needs. I am most grateful for all Ginger's dedication and hard work, specifically your energy and the amount of time you have spend providing resources to us and referring us back to evidence-based practice. 

    Mary Rini
    OT, PYT-C
  • "The PYTS program and Ginger's teaching is astounding! I have never felt more inspired after a con. ed. course!"

    Thank you Ginger, from the bottom of my heart. The work that you have put into this program is astounding. Your ability to connect with your patients and students is to be admired. I have never felt more inspired after a continuing education course! 

    Katie Goroncy
    DPT, PYT-C
  • ""Truly Life Changing""

    I want to thank Ginger for an incredible learning experience last week. The course exceeded my expectations. My experience was truly life changing. I am grateful.  Looking forward to seeing you in October (Module 14). Cannot wait for some more of the wonderful food, morning meditation, sunrise on the beach, gaining more knowledge and confidence!


    Mary Rini
  • "I am Having an Awesome Experience"

    I am having an awesome experience. Ginger, the program, the pace of learning. The amazing meals and setting, and the chance to spend time with other health care professionals have all exceeded my expectations.
    PT from North Carolina

  • "PYTS has changed by life"

    PYTS has been life-changing for me, personally and professionally. When I began the program I was working as a traditional, western-trained physical therapist at a SNF and private outpatient clinic. I always wanted "more" for my patients, and now I am well equipped with "more." I no longer look at my patients as a unilateral, single-focused diagnosis, but address them using the Pentagon of Wellness from the program.  this has meshed very well with my new training in MFR, and opened HUGE doors for me. 

    I have started a private practice with a fellow PYT graduate and good friend of 20 years, and I enjoy every minute of teaching the medical therapeutic yoga method to my students, clients, and patients each day. I am teaching 6 PYT classes a week, we have hired another PT, who will be starting the PYTS program, in order to help meet the growing demands of our business. I am learning to also balance my pitta nature through all of this!

    PYTS has changed my life for the better, has changed my children's life for the better and has taught me to look at everything and everyone through a different lens. An open, loving, compassionate, forgiving, flexible lens. 

    Thank you, Ginger. 

    Lynne Ray, PT, PYT
    Charlotte, NC
  • "Outstanding Results Using Ginger's PYT Method in Home Health "

    I have been using the PYT method with all of my home care patients and have had outstanding results.  I want to share the story of  2 patients that have made remarkable progress.  

    First, a patient with PTSD with GSW to the head leading to TBI, ADHD & vestibular symptoms, etc:  

    She was the one with difficulty simply participating in guided meditation. Her grief from the loss of her child drove the session.  She is now capable of 20 min uninterrupted guided breathing (she loved "the person next to you" which we revisit frequently), we moved through supine, prone, 4 point, seated and are working on a few standing postures.  She only grieves 5 min at the end of the session as her reward.  She is doing amazing and I am preparing her for discharge!!  

    My other most successful story, a 90 year old patient with severe OA and thoracic spine kyphosis severely impacting her breath and walking tolerance:

    She was not able to stand for longer than 30 sec when I met her without severe pain.  We spent the first month in supine (after which she was able to stand up straight even though she could not maintain the posture for any length of time but this still made her cry since it had been 3 years since she had been able to stand up straight), the second month working on seated postures with her maintaining upright posturing without back rest, the last month in standing.  She is now able to stand for 15 min at the kitchen sink with TATD breath and good posturing.  She is so grateful!  She has gone to outpt PT many times and "they helped, but nothing like this".  She kept telling me the first month "out of all my therapy, I've never done anything like this."  I am a little amazed with her progress myself since I was unsure due to her age if her spine was "fixed".  

    I have Ginger to thank.  I would not have followed this path if it were not for the program that she created.  
    Much gratitude to Ginger!

    Physical Therapy, PYT-Candidate
  • "Very beneficial course!"

    Yoga as Medicine II is a very beneficial course with information to immediately apply. The biopsychosocial model Ginger has framed for yoga, information on clean living, and anti-inflammatory practices I will use immediately in practice. Ginger's enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge is inspiring, encouraging, and empowering.

    Tara S.
  • "Beyond Excellent"

    The content in Yoga as Medicine III is extremely beneficial to my clinical situation. I am able to go home and immediately improve treatment sessions.  Treatment of the SI joint, dietary resources, and the information on inversions, as well as all the research Ginger provides for backing breathwork....I could go on and on. This course is beyond excellent.

    Cassi Kit
  • "I love the research-based approach and the scientific validation "

    I love Ginger's research-based approach and her provision of scientific validation for her theory through use of the biopsychosocial model. Her methods help us approach patients who are reluctant to expand beyond the biomedical or strictly physical realm. I appreciate Ginger's passion and intensity and her ability to hold gracious space simultaneously while encouraging discussion and debate to come to a mutual understanding. Ginger's program is excellent. 

    Stefanie Foster, PT, DPT
    Austin, TX
  • "Ginger is remarkable, her energy and spirit radiate her mission."

    Ginger is remarkable, her energy and spirit radiate her mission.  Her passion is contagious and has all the evidence-base to back it up! PYTS is the missing link in healthcare today. The participants in the course this week all feel validated in the way we feel our profession should move forward - now we have a platform which we can spring forward from! 

    Sue March, PT
    Winter Park, FL
  • "Solid Evidence-Based Course"

    The great strength of Ginger's teaching in Yoga as Medicine for Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum is the evidence-based practice.  All information she provides is supported by current science. And getting to practice and try all the movement therapies she teaches with assistance from Ginger for modifications and proper positioning is invaluable.  

  • "I have truly been challenged by the framework of PYTS in all areas - professionally and personally. "

    Ginger is an inspiration and wonderful teacher. Her passion for safe healthcare will help us all make a difference!  I have truly been challenged by the framework of PYTS in all areas of my life and am motivated to start practicing these grounded principles in my own life!

    Veronica Whetsel
    PT, MPT
    Annapolis, MD
    United States
  • "I am now committed to incorporating yoga and its principles into my practice as a clinician"

    After 21 years of professional practice, I found the PYTS experience to be one of my most fulfilling. It not only engaged me physically (as a kinesthetic learner) but weaved a connection between mind and soul that I've found difficult to bridge in those patients that need that encompassing approach. I am now committed to incorporating yoga and its principles into my practice as a clinician. Thanks to all who have paved this path for us to follow. I am eternally grateful."

    PT, PYT-C
    San Diego, CA
    United States

As a patient

Does your medical provider prescribe yoga as medicine?  Medical therapeutic yoga can: 

  • Decrease your risk of chronic disease 
  • Help you prevent or manage new or long-standing pain
  • Manage stress better and develop life-long healthy habits
  • Provide integrative medicine resources proven to support longevity  

Explore our integrative approach

What patients are saying...

  • "Ginger's care and generosity is overwhelming"

    I can't thank you enough for ALL you have done for me. Your generosity is overwhelming. Dr. Mather is an excellent physician, and I am confident that his opinion (and yours!) is good. I have agreed to do surgery to repair my labrum and remove a bone spur on my left hip. X-rays show an identical spur on my right hip; I know that if I spend much longer limping around and overcompensating with my right hip that I may end up detaching my labrum on that side as well. I feel peace about the decision. I'm ready to get back to swimming laps and paddle-boarding! My surgery is April 3rd at Duke Raleigh, the same hospital where I had my shoulder surgery. Because I had such an excellent experience there, I consider it a blessing to go to Duke Raleigh again. 
    Thank you, friend, for sharing your experience, time and knowledge to make me whole again!

    Shannon Miller, Swansboro, NC

  • "I walk taller. I swim faster. I bike farther. "

    I have been studying with Ginger for almost a year now. When I first started I could not even take a walk in the mall without pain. I was having back issues (herniated discs) when I started seeing her – and I could not do hardly anything. But after only a few months of seeing Ginger, I experienced a big difference. Using her techniques has made a huge difference in my life – I walk taller. I swim faster. I bike farther.

    Since starting with Ginger, I honestly say I feel 10 years younger! I have built so much strength and now I’m even doing backbends and hand stands in yoga class – just like I used to do when I was a teenager! Even the relaxation techniques are so important. I never used to take the time to breathe and relax the proper way. But now that I do, I am less stressed when problems come my way. I sleep better at night. I used to have a ringing in my ears that bothered me most every night and that has gone away completely. Ginger’s yoga and techniques are what have allowed me to regain my health – and have made a HUGE contribution to my well being. I sing her praises every chance I get!

    Angie Cooper
    Chronic low back pain and post-surgical patient
    Swanboro, NC
    United States
  • "I am getting relief"

    After being in pain so long (3 years), I am getting relief from working with Ginger…even after just a few weeks of therapy.  I have been through 3 years of conventional treatment for my spine problems, and after working with Ginger for such a short time even, I am much improved.  My neck and head feel much better. I follow Ginger’s medical therapeutic yoga prescription and physical therapy program and my hip and spine are also feeling much better (hip&leg).  Also, I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me, working with me, and sharing your knowledge with me. You have given me such a better understanding of my situation…but even greater you have given me HOPE again! Thank you so much!

    Brian Shipp
    Young Entrepreneur
  • "I have better flexibility, balance, and blood pressure than I have had in years"

    Every Thursday morning after having worked with Ginger on Wednesday evening – it never fails – my blood pressure is the lowest. I have better flexibility, balance, and blood pressure than I have had in years. My spinal alignment and posture is improved and best of all – I’m having fun too.

    George Collins
  • "My back feels the best it has in years"

    After only a few sessions with Ginger in her group restorative classes my back feels the best it has in years. Ginger’s understanding of pathophysiology of the body makes such a difference. I offer my thanks to Ginger and I look forward to more classes with her.

    Vickie Burgess
    RN and 20 year veteran in oncology nursing

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